Sports Performance

Sports Performance

Hypnosis can achieve major changes to sports performance over a fairly short time scale. It works directly with the unconscious mind, the part that controls our actions and behaviours, so changes are effected quickly.

There are three factors that influence sporting ability; our fitness, our technical skills and our mental skills. Sports performers from amateur to professional level, spend a lot of their time working on their fitness and skills, however the mental side of the game is often neglected. It is amazing how good we can be at using our minds to work against us, often finding a number of reasons for failure before even starting an activity - doubting your own ability, bad weather, lack of practice, tiredness, anxiety, stress.

Ultimately, we can find ourselves performing badly because we are not using our minds in a positive way; we form limiting beliefs about ourselves which leave us expecting failure rather than success.

By changing how we use our minds when we approach a game - by improving self-belief, dealing with how we respond to making mistakes, setting goals and maintaining a positive attitude - it is possible to make a significant impact on our performance levels.

You don't have to be a professional sportsperson to benefit from the use of hypnosis. Anyone can learn and perfect simple, self-hypnosis techniques for:

  • Mental imagery and future rehearsal of success (including effective techniques from areas like NLP)
  • Focusing on success, strategy (how to get into the success zone when you need to)
  • Overcoming mental blocks and barriers
  • Reinforcing self-belief, motivation, confidence and positive thinking
  • Relaxation

Hypnosis for sports performance can be equally effective with all kinds of individual and team sports, so no matter what sport you play, or what level you compete at, Sports Hypnosis could help you maximise your potential

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