Phobias are more debilitating than fears and can be caused by a range of things, it could be a phobia of animals, situations or feelings. Phobias can develop at different stages of a persons life. Phobias may lead to you changing what you do or when you do it to avoid contact with the cause of your phobia.

This ultimately leads to a limited, restricted life and you may miss out on things you want to do as a result of your phobia. Phobias can also lead to unwanted physical responses, which can vary in severity, from butterflies in your stomach to feeling nauseous to sweating to running away. The great news is that almost all phobias can be treated successfully using hypnotherapy.

People with phobias often say things like "I know its stupid but...." or "I know it won't hurt but.....". From a hypnotherapists' point of view, it is understood how phobias develop, and that to the people who experience any kind of phobia the fear is very real. Hypnosis can be used to treat phobias in a range of ways; generally I will concentrate on the situations in which you experience your phobia and help you build up your confidence in those situations, as well as using desensitisation techniques to reduce the level of fear associated with phobia.


The hypnotherapy itself felt like a lovely session of relaxation. It is only afterwards, when you are in situations that would normally make you anxious, that you realise you have a new found confidence.

M**** (former client)