Pain Management

Pain itself is an essential element in human survival. In fact, acute pain is our body's way of telling us we are being damaged and we'd better do something about it - fast! Without this kind of pain our very existence would be threatened.

Pain is both physical and psychological in nature and the brain can interpret messages of pain received from the body, as well as initiate these messages independent of any physical cause (such as in phantom limb pain experienced by some amputees).

Often we experience pain which serves no real purpose and we learn nothing from it's message, we try to manage this pain by using medication or trying alternative therapies to reduce the feelings of pain that may be experienced constantly. Where these efforts have failed hypnotherapy may be able to help. By using hypnotherapy, and then through self-hypnosis I can teach you to alter the brain's perception of the pain message, essentially reducing the intensity of the pain being experienced. You can then use the self-hypnosis techniques I will teach you to manage your pain in day-to-day life.